About Us

Attractive and exceptionally versatile, SB Trays® serving trays have endless uses in your home!

Serve breakfast in bed, impress your guests with elegant service or add a decorative flare to any room—our serving trays can be used in so many ways, you’ll find yourself reaching for them every day! The large, smooth surfaces with sturdy rims are perfect for carrying dishes, serving snacks, or setting up mobile work or craft stations. Designed with you in mind, our trays are solidly constructed of eco-friendly bamboo and will withstand daily use.

Whether you’re stocking up for a new home, upgrading your current gear, or buying a gift for a friend just starting out, you’ll find SB Trays® serving trays are exactly what you need!

You can feel confident in your SB Trays® purchase—our products are made with care and are backed by an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee. Visit our manufacturer’s website to learn more about our commitment to quality and customer service.

SB Trays®: Stylish, practical serving solutions for your home!