Helpful Hints

Creative Uses for Your Folding Bamboo Bed Tray

The SB Trays® Folding Bamboo Bed Tray is one of the most versatile items you can own. It’s the perfect way to serve breakfast in bed for a special occasion or to bring a meal into another room for an ill family member. The durable tray with its large, flat surface lends itself to many other uses as well.  

Keep reading for innovative ways to use your new bamboo bed tray!

  • Laptop desk. Holding a laptop on your legs can be uncomfortable and awkward. When you use your bed tray as a laptop desk, you have more freedom to move around and typing is easier. With the tray’s convenient folding legs, you can set up your mobile desk on the couch, the floor, the bed or in a chair.
  • Child’s play desk. Your child will love having his own perfectly sized tray for drawing, playing or snacking! When you place the Folding Bamboo Bed Tray on the floor, you not only have a special place set aside just for your child, but you also have the perfect solution for containing his snack, game pieces or art supplies!
  • Small puzzle/game tray. Set up an easily transportable game or puzzle space anywhere in the house! When it’s time to clean up, the Folding Bamboo Bed Tray lets you keep the activity going someplace else.   
  • Work surface. Write letters, pay bills or draft your daily to-do list on this convenient tray. You can easily move it out of the way while keeping your work organized.
  • Serving tray. Fold the legs under the tray and use it to transport food and dishes from the kitchen to the patio for outdoor entertaining. The large, solid surface allows you to carry a lot and make fewer trips, which means more time to enjoy your meal!

The only challenge you’ll have with your new Folding Bamboo Bed Tray is keeping track of where it was used last!